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NIfTI-1 Test Data Sets

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Valid test data sets of 3D (structural) and 4D (functional) images in NIfTI-1 format.
  • 3D Structural Images
  • 4D Functional Images
    • Simple Time-series or multi-volume image

      A simple image time-series in gzipped single file nifti-1 form

    • Sternberg Item Recognition Paradigm (SIRP) fMRI Study + XML Extension Data

      147 volumes of a SIRP study in a single NIfTI *.nii image file with sform and qforms properly set and an extension space consisting of the XCEDE XML formatted E-prime task data, Quickmood assessments acquired before and after the scanning session, and the image acquisition parameters. The first volume of the series contains an "L" superimposed on the left side of the volume to help in testing implementations that read the qforms. Additionally the XML file portion is also saved as an independent XML file for easy browsing called 103.1.sirp.xml. Also includes a PDF description of task.

Note: nifti_tool is part of the reference implementation, and avwhd is part of FSL

  • Minimal Nifti1 Dataset
  • The "minimal" dataset minimal.hdr, minimal.img and minimal.nii is provided as an example and test dataset. It contains close to the minimum number of header fields that need to be set in nifti1 dataset and have it still conform to the nifti1 standard. It is not the very minimum, because one could create 1 dimensional image. But, we wanted to provide a minimal dataset that could be loaded and viewed as an image. minimal.img is a simple ramp image, increasing from 0-63 along the Y axis. See the nifti FAQ question #4 for an explanation of the minimal fields that must be set in nifti1 datasheet.

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