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Unused fields in the nifti_1_header

Unused fields are:

char data_type[10]; (not to be confused with the datatype field...)
char db_name[18];
int extents;
short session_error;
char regular;

int glmax;
int glmin;

Fields that are marked as ++UNUSED++ have no particular interpretation in this standard.

/---------------------------------------------------------------------------/ /* UNUSED FIELDS: ------------- Some of the ANALYZE 7.5 fields marked as ++UNUSED++ may need to be set to particular values for compatibility with other programs. The issue of interoperability of ANALYZE 7.5 files is a murky one -- not all programs require exactly the same set of fields. (Unobscuring this murkiness is a principal motivation behind NIFTI-1.)

Some of the fields that may need to be set for other (non-NIFTI aware) software to be happy are:

extents dbh.h says this should be 16384 regular dbh.h says this should be the character r glmin, } dbh.h says these values should be the min and max voxel glmax } values for the entire dataset

It is best to initialize ALL fields in the NIFTI-1 header to 0 (e.g., with calloc()), then fill in what is needed. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/

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Last modified 2005-04-14 18:42

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