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The status of NIfTI-1 support in MIPAV.

MIPAV has recently been upgraded to read and write 1 or 2 file NIFTI images. In addition, a couple bugs were fixed where incorrect origin information was saved in the header. A new version with these fixes has been available since 3/31/2006.

MIPAV can be used to convert many file formats to NIFTI and NIFTI to many file formats.  Among these file formats are DICOM, Analyze, AFNI, and MINC.

MIPAV reads and writes NIFTI files with restrictions only in uncommon cases:

  • MIPAV cannot handle files with more than 4 dimensions of length greater than 1.
  • MIPAV cannot handle voxels containing matrices, vectors, spatial coordinates, a triple of indexes, or quaternions.
  • MIPAV cannot handle 128 bit floating point or 256 bit complex data.  Unsigned long is treated as signed long.
  • If both qform and sform are greater than 0, MIPAV will only handle the qform transformation and ignore the sform transformation.  MIPAV cannot simultaneously store 2 different transformation matrices for the same image.  MIPAV writes the same transformation information in both qform and sform code.
  • MIPAV does not handle any extensions such as the AFNI extension to the NIFTI file format.

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